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Clean, well-groomed fingernails are an important part of any woman's appearance. Beautiful nails act as an elegant accessory to any outfit. Likewise, fingernails that are poorly taken care of can detract from a woman's look. Maintaining natural fingernails is a difficult task. As a result, more and more women are choosing to wear fake ones. In addition to not having the time to maintain natural fingernails, women choose faux ones because they cannot grow their own but want to enjoy greater durability. Fakes are almost completely customizable. Any woman is sure to find a set of nails that accentuates their natural appearance, providing a new level of confidence.

There are several types of fake nails on the market. Acrylic models have long been the most popular choice. Thermo-plastic models are a relatively new addition to the selection. Thermo-plastics are anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and resistant to UV light. Due to this resistance, thermo-plastics will not fade or get yellow like other types. Thermo-plastics can be taken off or put on quickly and easily.

Thermo-plastic nails, and other types, can be painted the color of a woman's choosing. Any brand of nail polish is compatible with thermo-plastic. In addition, nail polish remover can be safely used when it comes time to switch the color. Nail polish lasts longer on faux fingernails compared to natural ones and will almost never chip. Polish will look fresh and vibrant even after several weeks on faux nails.

Fake nails serve as excellent canvases for nail art. Nail art is a step above standard fingernail polish. Nail art features designs and decals instead of the standard solid color. The artwork is created with standard nail polish or acrylic paint.

When used properly, fake nails will do no damage to a woman's natural ones. Faux ones come with detailed instructions for applying and removing them. If these instructions are carefully followed, no nail damage will occur. It is possible for them to cause minor harm to nail beds. Thankfully, any damage is short term. Nail beds have the ability to grow back, restoring the the normal, healthy condition.

Fake nails are a safe, attractive alternative to carefully manicuring natural fingernails. They are easily attached and removed. Fake nails are versatile and provide all of the same functions as natural fingernails. They can be painted with any type of nail polish and the length can be customized to fit any woman's needs.
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Fake Nail Technology

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This article was published on 2011/01/29