Finding The Perfect Nail Polish For Your Nail Type

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Adding the perfect shade of nail polish can often be the final touch to complete your look. There's a wide variety of shades, colours and textures to choose from, but it's more than just colour you should consider.

The shade of nail polish you choose should reflect your lifestyle, wardrobe and of-course, your personality. Quite often painting your nails can add a little glamour to your day. That might be why your otherwise straight laced accountant lets her fun loving spirit shine with neon pink fingernails.

Do you prefer bold, dramatic, look-at-me colours? Electric neons colours or the dazzle of sparkles are probably a great choice for you. Are you the quiet and shy romantic. Softer shades of pink, peach, mauve and even white will add to your delicate disposition.

When you shop for clothes, you often bring a friend with you for encouragement and second opinions. Finding the right nail colour is no different, and it's a great time to use the buddy system. Sometimes having a friend say This would look great on you will draw your attention to a shade you wouldn't have noticed yourself. Let's face it, quite often, our friends are right!

Be sure to read the labels to find out how many coats to apply and whether or not a base coat is recommended. Following the manufacturer's instructions will ensure looks best, is long lasting and resists too much chipping. Most importantly, pay attention to the drying time between coats. Some nail polish formulas are thicker than others and take longer to dry. Applying second or third coats before the previous coat has dried often changes the intended colour of the nail polish.

You can do a brief online search before you go shopping to find out which shades of nail polish will best suit your skin tone as well as finger and nail type. Often darker skin compliments lighter colours better, or short nails look best in certain shades of red. If you're fingers tend to be long, electric colours such as purple or even blue can be enough to make your nail polish pop.

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Finding The Perfect Nail Polish For Your Nail Type

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This article was published on 2010/10/23