Nail Box Production Process And Quality Control (lower)

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Feed belt around cardboard file in continuous operation after fixing

Tailgate when the right count of optical induction too strong, prone to such failure. In this regard, adjustable electric eye on the side of a shape knob clockwise adjustment increases induction, anti-clockwise transfer flux density can be reduced to adjust to be able to apply the normal sense, so after fixing the situation is not unusual.

Carton provides a discrepancy between the length of post rock cover

When the board did not reach the tailgate office location, early step switch hits the nail; tooth belt noticeable wear down, so that both sides of the Belt gap is too big and inconsistent; cartons indentation deep enough, the boxes before nailing fold and the apparent skew when the situation occurs, set boxes, the length of the error appears on both sides of rock cover, this, to identify the exact causes of failure to take appropriate measures to correct treatment.

Cardboard set from inaccurate When the left and right sides of baffle

too closely, so that large Er Shi feed is not smooth resistance; tooth belt noticeable wear, to the level of inconsistency, and the gauge pressure is low, will likely affect the normal transport board . In this regard, the reasons should be identified in order to take appropriate measures to address and eliminate.

Nail box machine proper use, care and maintenance precautions

New nail box machine purchased before use, be sure to carefully read the equipment manual to understand the basic structure of equipment, performance and use, to avoid the operation of the use of blindness. Nail box, the lid should be adjusted according to shake cartons around the main baffle and baffle location, and location of the upper and lower nail head. Adjustment, should pay attention to the folder can not be too tight around tailgate, but should be able to ease cardboard insert and extract the appropriate. When the mechanical adjustment is completed, you can touch the screen to the computer settings: height = original cardboard carton of high-40mm, the number of carton nail, set away from the carton, is set to strengthen nails, single, double and a series of set piece options will then be carried out nail box. Note the proper use of the nailed box machine, we should pay attention to good maintenance and proper maintenance of the machine, which is to improve productivity and quality of key box nails, must not be ignored. Therefore, it set a day on the machine head, a punch lubrication; on setting up a first fixed axis, around baffle fixed axis, are also used lubricating oil at any time and be clean; the upper and lower nail head shaft, bolt trough axis, drive screw must maintain good lubrication; under the first set easily by stretching the time taken to accumulate some plating chips off and head in the red, usually should be noted that regular cleaning and cleaning; every month to clean the first set to open and refueling; feed trough axis belt tied around the baffle 3 gear, should add the word butter once a month; clutch and the brake to prevent oil and water into infiltration; servo motor should be kept clean to prevent dust accumulation; should regularly servo motor drive cooling Dust nets clean; electrical control box must be kept clean to prevent dust accumulation and the resulting short-circuit fault; inside and outside the delivery line with Huang Yourun slip axle should pay attention to, to keep it reliable and flexible; on the power transmission gear and chain required once a month filling Huangyou Run slide to prevent wear of mechanical components.

Nail Tips Box Technical Control Saw the choice of nail

Nail saw cartons according to the performance and characteristics of the use of rational choice, to better meet the quality requirements. Nail box nail into oblique cutting nails, straight nails and nail three basic forms of cross, the structure of monoclinic nails, double helical screw and strengthening nails; single straight nails, two straight nails and strengthen nails; single transverse screw, double-nail and strengthen the nail. Nail saw the form of structure is usually determined by the machine, so, according to process requirements nail box nail box select the appropriate machine. The general arrangement of double helical structure of their nails can better improve the bonding strength of corrugated containers, and more widely used. Nail is the nail was inclined saw-like arrangement of the structure 45 º inclined, straight nail nails saw that were arranged in vertical structure, and cross-nail is a nail saw the way was arranged horizontally. Single nail is part of the tongue lap carton set saw a number of single nail, double nail is set several groups of two parallel saw nails, while strengthening the nail is coupled between the two pairs of nailing a single nail of the nail set saw.

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Nail Box Production Process And Quality Control (lower)

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